.... with the Arrive Alive App you can safely designate a friend, and now call your best friend, mom, dad or whoever you can count on for a safe ride home. It also gives you the option to call a taxi anywhere in Canada. If a taxi not your thing, find a bus, street car or train with their extensive Canada - wide transit system database. Be it a friend, transit or taxi getting home safely is App Easy with this excellent safe ride app that Arrive Alive org. has provided to the public sector for free! This app is just one of the safest alternative options to impaired driving in Ontario. After a night out with your friends there are always other options for getting home safely without Drinking and Driving. Impaired driving is a Crime, designate a friend through this free app. With the use of this free ARRIVE ALIVE APP drinking and driving is 100% preventable! Stop download and program this free app into your mobile cell phone. You do have a choice, there are other safe alternative solutions to impaired driving. To help you arrive alive! It is now the year of 2016! There are now safe alternative solutions to drunk driving! Impaired driving is 100% preventable! "STOP & THINK!"


   .... with this ARRIVE ALIVE APP you can place anyone you wish to on the Designated Contacts page of this App for free to call anytime! Anyone you trust to get you home safely! It can be a safe ride program replacement driver you that have arranged to use in the past when out on the town. A close friend or one of your relatives as a safe sober designated driver. And then you can call them to come to you, when you need them to safely get home. It could even be a local safe ride home service or a valet drivers service that offers a safe ride program that could designate a friend, as a safe replacement driver to help you recover your personnel property and then safely take care and control of your vehicle, you can even use this App as a ride-share app for yourself or your friends when you're out on the town having a few cold ones. As the last thing you are thinking about is how you are getting home safe when you first start out for a night on the town with friends. Program your friends and your local safe ride home services that offer a safe ride program that you may need to get safely home with in the future into this free App on your mobile cell phone, it will save your life, and your lifestyle by offering you another option to drinking and driving. This safe ride program App is just one of the greatest future alternative solutions to impaired driving! Stop now and program in your friends and designate a friend. Don't "DUI'IT?" DON'T DRINK & DRIVE! It will change your lifestyle! Impaired Driving is a Crime! Stop designate a friend first through this excellent ARRIVE ALIVE APP that is provided FREE to you NOW! Impaired Driving is 100% preventable!